January Luncheon: The Human Being’s Guide to Business Growth

Location: Stokes (West Omaha) - 13615 California St, Omaha, NE 68154

January 11, 2018 11:30 am - 1:00 pm

Every business looking for growth begins by thinking about new products and services, but that’s the wrong place to start. The place to start is inside their company. Specifically, their employees. In this talk Greg will outline the process he helps businesses implement. Marketers will walk out with:

  • Ideas on how to get non-selling employees. . .selling
  • Language marketers should use companywide
  • Tactics for getting buy in from stakeholders
  • Attendees will be ready to unleash the growth from everybody selling

Presenter: Greg Chambers

Greg Chambers is the founder of the sales-and-marketing consultancy, Chambers Pivot Industries LLC. He helps companies create sales-and-marketing practices they can get excited about and are a perfect fit for their cultures.

Greg works with clients in nine industries, including ecommerce, finance, and healthcare. He coaches clients on how to build revenue through practices like online-and-offline lead generation, new market penetration, database marketing, and referral training.

Greg’s new book, tentatively titled “The Human Being’s Guide to Business Growth: A simple process for unleashing the power of your people for growth” will be released in early 2018. In addition to business books, Greg has written a thriller, “The Legend of Mad Gringo,” about a Hawaiian shirt wearing protagonist battling the “system.”


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