October Luncheon: Finding Your Voice – How to Write Authentically to Engage and Retain

Location: Happy Hollow Country Club | 1701 S 105th Street, Omaha, NE 68124

October 12, 2017 11:30 am - 1:00 pm

This presentation will address how vital it is for all marketers to develop and hone an authentic writing voice to effectively promote themselves and/or the organizations they serve. In the age of digital information and information overload, creating compelling content is utterly vital to connecting with customers and provides a brilliant opportunity to enhance your personal or professional brand.

Kasey prefers to engage the audience when speaking to groups so please feel free to bring questions, interrupt her at any time and share your tips with others in the audience.

Key Takeaways

  • How to overcome “writer’s block” and produce content consistently
  • Tips and tricks that communicate authenticity
  • How to utilize and refresh content you have previously developed and re-purpose so as to engage and retain stakeholders. *This is particularly useful for new writers so they can start off utilizing best practices.

Speaker and Facilitator:

Kasey L. Riley, Marketing Consultant, KLR Consulting and CMO of The Fat Plant Society

Kasey L. Riley has international experience teaching professionals on the topics of public relations, digital marketing, and grant writing, having lived in Beijing, China and Copenhagen, Denmark (twice, most recently in 2015). Kasey served as the Director of Communications for Johnson County Library in Johnson County, Kansas for nine years before launching her freelance career as a digital marketing consultant, writer, and Web designer in the Kansas City metropolitan area.  Kasey is also the CMO for The Fat Plant Society, a business she founded with her husband in 2016. Having spent much of her career in non-profits and government, and now small business, Kasey is highly adept at leveraging budgets and negotiating media buys. Kasey is experienced at developing and executing strategic plans, marketing plans and developing and evaluating programs and believes strongly in collaboration across disciplines, departments, and communities. Mostly, she is enthusiastic about writing, delivering public presentations, and fostering engaging and effective communication both in writing and in person. Kasey’s formal title is “Consultant” to her clients and “CMO” to her husband but her preferred title is “Nice Lady.”

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