Five Ways AMA Can Help Students Develop Their Personal and Professional Skills

As a graduating senior who has spent all four years involved with Creighton’s American Marketing Association, including over a year as president and two years in other leadership positions, I have had a wide variety of leadership experiences. These experiences have been greatly beneficial to me in my college career, and I will carry them with me beyond college. Below are five ways being involved with AMA has helped me develop skills that will continue to be useful to me personally and professionally:

1. Communication

Communication is important in all aspects of life. Whether through writing newsletters, communicating with the executive team, leading executive team meetings, or reaching out to potential speakers for events, I have been able to develop my communication skills through being in leadership positions with AMA.

2. Interviewing

Having been in a leadership position with Creighton’s AMA chapter for three out of four years of college, I have been able to use my experiences to my advantage. Having leadership experience on your resume helps get your foot in the door for interviews. In interviews, I have been asked directly about my AMA leadership experiences and have been able to effectively speak to them. An important aspect of college is gaining experience, and a great way to do that is taking on leadership positions in clubs.

3. Speaking Up for Myself

AMA has strengthened my willingness to speak up for myself. As president, I have thought through how to approach many situations, such as event logistics and communication. I have voiced what I was thinking and have also asked others for their input, and if I had not been vocal about what I was thinking or had not asked those questions, the outcome of those situations may have been different. Acting on thoughts or ideas that have come to mind has helped relieve the feeling of regret that I could’ve potentially changed an outcome if I had just said something. Speaking up for yourself, especially in college, is important because it boosts your self-confidence and allows you to meaningfully contribute to a discussion.

4. Reaching Out

College is a time for many when they get into situations where they feel stuck. Being a leader in AMA, especially as president, I have run into many situations where I did not know what to do. I have learned that it’s okay to ask for help. Trying to figure everything out yourself can be difficult, and it is sometimes necessary to lean on people you trust for advice.

5. Planning

Staying organized is essential in college. Even as I took on more responsibility within the club, my planning skills improved. From figuring out when to gather information and start writing a newsletter, to figuring out who should speak at an event and when that event should be, to figuring out what needs to be addressed at an executive team meeting, planning has remained constant in my time with AMA. Planning is even a topic that I have been asked about in interviews. Planning is crucial in college and beyond. Figuring out a system for planning and being able to execute on my plans has greatly benefited me. Creighton’s American Marketing Association is still growing. Students have the opportunity to continue to grow the chapter and make an impact with their leadership in the future. With the experiences they have, they will be able to grow personally and professionally.

Written by Aaron Arkle.