July 17, 2019: Award Winning Wednesday


Not-for-profit Pinnacle

Annual Report

As a not-for-profit, Immanuel is driven by a higher purpose to do things right. And for over 130 years, they’ve served with compassion, devoting resources to bettering their communities and the well-being of seniors. In 2018, they turned to KidGlov to craft an annual report that portrayed their unique mission of being “Here for You. Not for Profit.” According to Immanuel’s vice president of marketing, “You can feel Immanuel’s mission in this annual report. It’s easy to say you are different – but this demonstrates how our differences benefit seniors, employees and the communities we serve.”


Not-for-profit Pinnacle

Immanuel Different Video

When Immanuel says they’re “here for you – not for profit,”it means they are different. 

 KidGlov produced a disruptive concept that addresses the “why” of Immanuel Communities using key words and phrases identified through target audience research. Part of a multi-media campaign, this commercial helped distinguish Immanuel as being mission-based and high quality, also helping to achieve census, satisfaction, perception and engagement goals.  

 The surprise effect was the reaction of current Immanuel residents. They have rallied around the new campaign with pride in the organization’s nonprofit service to seniors.


Not-for-profit Pinnacle

Boots & Buckets

Terminally ill seniors deserve to fulfill their bucket-list dreams–some just don’t have the means. Dreamweaver Foundation grants these dreams. With a growing list of requests, this nonprofit needed a mechanism to raise big money.

They turned to KidGlov who branded the event as “Boots & Buckets.” Guests were invited to wear their favorite boots and come raise the spirits of terminally ill seniors by making dreams on their bucket list come true. Disruptive collateral, social media, digital graphics and event decor created a magical effect that raised $381,00 (380% of goal), enough to fund 75 dreams (3.5 times the goal).


Small business Pinnacle

Brand Launch

If you’ve been in Nebraska during the past 100 years, you’ve probably been in a building Davis Design created. Since their founding, they played a big hand in shaping Midwestern architecture. Yet their brand didn’t reflect the history, innovative spirit and problem-solving mentality at the heart of who they are. Knowing the people at KidGlov are brand architects in their own right, Davis Design turned to KidGlov  to help them devise a brand strategy to fit their past, present and future. All goals were exceeded, in the months following the launch, Davis Design closed $51 million in new business.

Digital Media

Not-for-profit Pinnacle

Better Roads Nebraska

People are passionate about roads, that much we knew. What KidGlov and the Associated General Contractors (AGC) Nebraska Chapter didn’t know, was HOW passionate the public was and how much they wanted to talk about them. KidGlov set out to help the AGC with a social media advocacy campaign, educating Nebraska voters on the gas tax’s important role in maintaining our roads. All that passion and talking led to 13,851 Facebook engagements, 3,375 on Twitter and a 1.41% LinkedIn engagement rate, well over the .54% industry standard.All that engaging led to crushing our impression goals: 180% of goal on Facebook, 350% of goal on Twitter and 120% of goal on LinkedIn for a combined total of 1,356,956 impressions, (215% over goal).