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About AMA Omaha

Founded in 1959, AMA Omaha is the local Chapter of the American Marketing Association, the world’s largest nonprofit marketing association with more than 30,000 members. For over 65 years, AMA Omaha has been the leading network for local marketing professionals and continues to serve the Omaha community to advance the practice of marketing by providing a forum for discussion and on key issues impacting marketing professionals.


AMA Omaha Vision:
To be the essential community for marketers.


Focusing on the best practices in marketing, the organization delivers several resources including:
  • Scholarly journals and award-winning publications
  • Forward-thinking, monthly programming catering to professionals and academics in all stages of their careers
  • Workshops for skill enhancement and career development resources to keep members at the forefront of marketing practices
  • Local and national networking opportunities to and exchange information and ideas
  • Opportunities for brand exposure and leadership opportunities


Proud to be a nationally recognized chapter.

AMA Omaha Past Presidents

2022-2023 Magdalena Axtell / Sarah Rotermund

2021-2022 Jordan Maddex-Kopp / Kate O’Dea

2020-2021 Belinda Boelter

2019-2020 Jordan Maddex-Kopp

2018-2019 Magdalena Axtell

2017-2018 Sarah Morris

2016-2017 Nina Rongisch

2015-2016 Dana Sullivan

2014-2015 Kevin Hutchinson

2013-2014 Jaci Stuifbergen

2012-2013 Crystal Mackling

2011-2012 Misty Wendt

2010-2011 Calli Hite

2009-2010 Kim Kubert

2008-2009 Maria Corrin Oberdin

2007-2008 Brian Kaminski

2006-2007 Heather Lee Monaster

2005-2006 Kathleen Ulrich

2004-2005 Ann Maloley-Hansen

2003-2004 Carrie McKenzie
2002-2003 Gary Koenig
2001-2002 Jeff Quandt
2000-2001 John Lee
2000-1999 Brad Pfeifer
1998-1999 Karen Finken
1997-1998 Kim Mickelsen
1996-1997 Lisa Pelto
1995-1996 Cathy Jo “CJ” Ludwig
1994-1995 Jenny (Vrana) Buckley
1993-1994 Suzanne O’Donnell
1992-1993 Tracy Zaiss
1991-1992 Jim Vanderholm
1990-1991 Kelly Coffey
1989-1990 David Sanders
1988-1989 Sharon Hood
1987-1988 Pauline Stark

1986-1987 William Brown
1985-1986 Mike Novak
1984-1985 John Hafer
1984-1985 John Hafer
1983-1984 Rob Robinson
1982-1983 Marianne Pilling
1981-1982 Ira Dolich
1980-1981 Robert Brewster
1979-1980 Roger Koehler
1978-1979 Craig Collins
1977-1978 Craig Collins
1976-1977 Dennis Pearson
1975-1976 Dick Holquist
1974-1975 Dr. William Howard Brannen
1973-1974 George Madsen
1972-1973 Luther MacNaughton