Blog Post: Social Media Saturday April 2018

During the April Social Media Saturday, Canary and Coal’s Randa Zalman shared her insight into social media fundraising with an emphasis on one-day events like the upcoming Omaha Gives. Online donations are projected to account for 10 percent of revenue this year, so it is a growing market. Paid placement is a must in a #FacebookZero world. Set aside a budget of at least 5 to 10 percent of what you would like to raise. Additional ways to increase awareness of your fundraising effort include updating your social media brand identity around the campaign, stating a specific need or request instead of a generic post, activating the donate button for your Facebook page and engaging your board members and other leadership by creating a template post that will allow them to share the campaign on social media easily. And don’t forget video! Video posts have a larger reach. Additionally, live video can be a fun way to engage your audience on the day of the fundraising event.