Blog Post: SUPER Social Media Saturday March 2018

Randa Zalman, President and CEO of Canary & Coal and Insurance Marketing Institute, hosted a super-sized Social Media Saturday for March. The presentation covered two topics – social media writing and a direct mail case study. Zalman shared the four Es of social media – engage, educate, expertise and entertain. In addition to exploring the ins and outs of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Zalman shared best practices. A few of those include using power words, talking to people like a real person and developing a brand voice. The case study explored a campaign to build brand awareness, create an engaged community and court a new audience. Some of the techniques used include video vignettes targeted at both the primary and secondary audience, a one-stop shop landing page and a Facebook group that developed into a community. Zalman recommends a 6-3-1 content strategy on social media – thought leadership (6), engagement (3) and soft self promotion (1).