Guest Blog – Barnhart Press: Stand Out Techniques for Your Brand in Print

Stand Out Techniques for Your Brand in Print

How much time does it take to make a great impression? Seconds…if you can get the attention. Today consumers face fatigue and confusion from endless ad clutter. Getting recognition among 5,000-plus ads a day is a true challenge for every brand.

How to Make an Impact?

Key into the senses. Create an experience. Connect.

Savvy marketers understand the importance of triggering multiple senses for maximizing memory and influence. Printed pieces, like a brochure, folder, or business card, all have the given advantage of two senses, sight and touch, but are you making the most of the opportunity? Print is your chance to show what your brand feels like. Literally…Feels…Like.

The three hottest trends in conveying brand identity via printed pieces are the choice of finish, the weight of the paper stock, and designs with dimensional and textural elements.

Fabulous finishes

Over the last few years, the most popular lamination finish has been “soft touch” because it creates a visceral reaction from the fingertips to the brain. This reaction causes the consumer to hold the piece for another two or three seconds, which is valuable impression time! Three more seconds to connect with your brand and convey your message.

Barnhart Press offers soft touch lamination and several other coating and finishing options to consider as well. If bright colors are important to your theme, a high gloss UV coat really brings out the shine. Conversely, a satin aqueous softens images and the message. Satin aqueous is particularly effective in healthcare and nonprofit correspondence that focuses on messages of compassion. Matte lamination also softens colors while offering an effective contrasting base to two of our other favorite finishes, dimensional UV and bright, raised polyfoils. More on these coming up.

Paper weight and texture

Also consider the weight and texture of the paper stock. Research shows that heavier stocks instill a stronger sense of trust and confidence in a brand. Think about it. You’ve probably noticed this in your own impressions. A flimsy printed piece may not even get a second look before the recycle bin, but a printed piece that holds itself firm, ready to be read, keeps your eye. Also, heavier stocks convey a shared experience, an important loyalty distinction. Using sheets with a texture, like linen or felt, also conveys messages via touch.

As examples, accountants frequently utilize papers with a linen finish, conveying consistency and providing a sense of comfort. You may not think comfort when you think of tax season, but you want an accountant who instills that feeling, right? While mortgage companies, involved in one of the most landmark moments in many people’s lives, often provide critical and bulky paperwork in a folder sturdy enough to account for the weight of this monumental (and exciting!) financial commitment. Everything about the transaction should instill confidence and occasion. At Barnhart Press, we keep a large array of paper styles, weights, and finishes in inventory to quickly meet our clients’ needs. (Also, plenty of samples for you to help decide details for your own project.)

Dimensional UV

Another technique to garner attention and WOW the senses is via the new technology of dimensional UV. Dimensional UV adds a raised, high gloss poly to emphasize an image or a logo. However, unlike a simple spot gloss effect, it makes a much bigger impact than just the shine. Dimensional UV effects can also add raised gloss patterns or vary with screens, and there are unique ways to add layers to contrast each other when highlighting images; it’s really something to be experienced. People frequently rub their fingers along the image areas to feel the effect. While dimensional UV catches the user’s eye first, by adding the second sense of touch, the message is strengthened by reaching other portions of the brain which the affect the longevity of the message, improving the connection to the brand and recognition. This effect is heightened further when combined with a contrasting lamination, like soft touch or matte, creating a stronger stock and greater visual contrast to the piece.

At Barnhart Press, we have a unique combination of long-term experience, collaboration, and craftsmanship with the added advantage of state-of-the-art print and finishing technologies.

Our team takes pride in creating quality print and presentation products that represent your brand. These examples are all better felt than described, so let’s connect to talk about the ways to showcase your brand and stand out above the clutter, including dimensional UV effects, laser die-cuttingvariable polyfoil, and other high-end digital options that make an impact.