Help Stuff the Swag Shelves for Nebraska VR

Join AMA Omaha in supporting our very special 2022-2023 Community Partner, Nebraska VR, by donating to a swag drive!

Nebraska VR supports people with disabilities by helping them prepare for, find, and keep jobs. They also help businesses recruit, train, and retain employees with disabilities. Through this dual-client approach, individuals with injuries, illness, or impairments are assisted in  achieving beneficial employment and increased independence.

Learn more about Nebraska VR on our podcast! 

Why swag?

AMA Omaha’s VP of Support and Engagement, Dana Nuzum, works closely with Nebraska VR’s Program Director for Business Services Mary Matusiak to ensure that Nebraska VR has a beneficial experience as our Community Partner.

Dana says that Mary and her team struggle with building awareness of Nebraska VR and its mission. Because of this, Mary’s top request of AMA Omaha and our members is funding and sourcing branded promotional items for events and meetings.

Stuff the Swag Shelves for Nebraska VR

November 14, 2022 – February 14, 2023

Goal: $2,500

By donating, you can help us stock a dream swag closet for Nebraska VR’s efforts for months to come!

There are two ways to help: cash donations or donations of blank, imprintable items.

Cash donations

Your cash donation will be used by AMA Omaha purchase and imprint items for Nebraska VR from our local partners and vendors. Cash donations can be individual or corporate! You choose your donation amount!

Make a cash donation here!

Item donations

Thanks to a generous contribution from our sponsors at Eleven Twenty-Three, we have funds available to imprint donated blank items. Visit a local hobby/craft store or office supply to purchase blank items like hats, t-shirts, mugs, pens and notebooks. 

Blank items can be dropped off during any in-person AMA event or by emailing our VP to make drop-off arrangements. 

Tracking progress

We’ll update how the shelves are filling up here and on our social media. Follow us to see how we’re doing!

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Each of these images equals a dollar amount:

= $25 

= $50

= $100

= $250

= $500 

Join us in helping support Nebraska VR!

Sponsored by Eleven Twenty-Three