June 12, 2019: Award Winning Wednesday

Total Marketing Campaign

Not-for-profit Pinnacle

Creighton University

Inaugural Giving Day Campaign

Creighton’s inaugural Giving Day was hugely successful in both the funds raised, and the number and diversity of donors engaged locally and across the country. Within one day, 2,747 alumni, students, parents, faculty, staff and friends of Creighton came together to raise$731,147 for 67 programs—in social outreach, academic resources, athletics, scholarships and much more. The 1,000 donor goal was easily met by noon and alumni made generous matching gifts. Donors at the $25 level and above received a pair of Creighton socks as a thank you gift. Overall, the innovative fundraising event focused on exciting and engaging a range of donors, who could make very specific selections for their gift, making the donation process more personal and appealing. While contributing to a University- wide campaign, Giving Day was a success in itself and established an extraordinary new Creighton tradition.