Q&A with January Luncheon Presenter, Greg Chambers

My name is Greg Chambers and I am a consultant for Chambers Pivot Industries. Actually, I’m the only consultant and the only employee. I just finished my fifth year in business, an event I mark with an annual letter to my list. This one dropped yesterday. http://www.chamberspivot.com/gregs-5th-annual-consulting-update/

I started consulting for two reasons:

– After years of hiring sales and marketing consultants, I was sure I could get better results for clients.

– After running my own company for the better part of a decade, I knew I would make a terrible employee.

My new book, The Human Being’s Guide to Business Growth: A simple process for unleashing the power of your people for growth, is written for business owners and tackles one problem: How do you get everyone in the company generating more business? Every business owner looks for growth by thinking of new products and services, but that’s the wrong approach. The right approach is to get employees thinking about, and interacting with their customers. The book gives a simple three part process (Focus, Individual strengths, Technology F.I.T.) to make that happen. In January, I’ll focus on how the Marketing team is critical to making my process work.

In January, my interactive presentation will give an overview of FIT, focusing on specific areas where marketing drives the process and sharing real-life examples from clients. The audience will walk out understanding how powerful the concept is, they’ll have an easy way to explain it to others, and they’ll have some tools to use in their organizations – even if they’re the only ones using FIT in their organization.