2021 Bob Otis Diamond Award Finalists Announced

Established in 2020 in partnership with Diamond Communications, the AMA Omaha Bob Otis
Diamond Award celebrates the 40+ year career and contributions of Bob Otis, former member of
the AMA Omaha Board of Directors and longtime member of the American MarketAssociation. It is presented annually to the AMA Omaha Volunteer of the Year, as nominated by the AMA Omaha Board of Directors.

Below are this year’s finalists, and snippets from select nominations received!

Alycia Dinan | Co-VP of Pinnacle Awards

Alycia brings a wealth of knowledge to the board and is always willing to jump in to offer her expertise or just volunteer to help with whatever is needed. I really appreciate all of her contributions — including the energy, positivity and creativity she brings to our board and our organization.

Magdalena Axtell | EVP Programming

Magdalena has dedicated many years to serving the AMA Omaha community. She exemplifies professionalism and is an active member within the Omaha marketing community. She has held several positions within the AMA Board over her 6-year tenure, and continues to volunteer and lead AMA Omaha forward. 2020 was a difficult year and in her role as EVP Programming this past year, Magdalena demonstrated her patience and dedication to AMA by pivoting plans and coordinating intriguing virtual programs for the AMA Omaha community.

Jordan Maddex-Kopp | Immediate Past President/President Elect

Jordan is deserving of this award for so many reasons; she consistently has incredible energy and a “we can do anything” mindset. It’s so powerful that it’s embodied through our whole board. Not only that, but in what was an odd year for AMA Omaha, she made sure to keep the wheels turning and helped all of us reach goals. Her love for AMA is undoubted and her passion for the Omaha Marketing community is unmatched. If there’s anyone that deserves this award, it’s her.

Tom Kealy | Board Member at Large

Tom Kealy has dedicated over 10 years of service to AMA Omaha in various roles,
such as VP of Hot Topic, Pinnacles and Board Member at Large. Tom always displays
a positive attitude, is willing to give a helping hand, and contributes ideas in order to
continue make our chapter a success. He can be found at every AMA event, either
welcoming attendees at the door or mingling within the crowd. Tom is a shining diamond!