A Letter from Cory Hassenstab, 2020 Creighton University American Marketing Association President


College is the best time for an individual to learn and grow in their professional lives. I believe that AMA is at the forefront of that growth. Creighton University’s American Marketing Association has been reintroduced in the past year. Fernanda Reutzel, current AMA Omaha VP of Collegiate Relations, spent her own senior year rebuilding the Creighton chapter. As a senior, I’ve found great benefit from AMA in the following five ways:

1. Opportunity to visit companies in the Omaha area.

Many students who come to Creighton are from out-of-state residences. It is important for them to familiarize themselves with the Omaha community, both professionally and personally. Various companies that hosted us include Union Pacific, Buildertrend, and Envoy. Everyone attending is able to talk with the professionals regarding internships, jobs, or to simply connect.

2. Networking with professors and professionals.

As eluded to above, company visits are a fantastic way to meet professionals in the career. Moreover, our chapter hosts panels that include people from the Omaha community. Internally, members get the opportunity to meet with professors. For example, we put on a “TED talk” event with various professors. They are asked to give a short spiel about what they do. From there, students can talk with them individually.

3. Formation of professional relationships with peers.

Many friendships in college revolve around social endeavors. It can be beneficial for peers to form a professional relationship. AMA is a great way for new members to meet and grow together.

4. Career Development

The transition from High School to College can be a rigid one. You are asked to grow into a working professional in a four-year span. AMA can initiate that “spark.” Essentially, the spark is the divide between a lack of purpose or motivation and the willingness to participate in extracurriculars. Networking acumen and increased knowledge can always be improved.

5. Upward Mobility

Creighton’s American Marketing Association has just been re-established to Creighton’s campus. Therefore, students are able to make a huge impact. If the student strives for excellence in our chapter then they will be recognized down the road with a leadership position. These positions are sought out for resume builders – however, with AMA we want you to build leadership acumen. Everyone should take part in growing and building the chapter.