Exec Trek 2017 | Q&A with Boys Town

What is your role at Boys Town?

Presenting will be Tom Lynch, the Director Community Programs and the Boys Town Hall of History and Susie Kaup, Manager of Online Engagement.

What would you say is the main mission of Boys Town? Why is this organization important in the community?

Boys Town’s mission is Saving Children and Healing Families. Boys Town is not only instrumental in its role of serving children and families within the Omaha community but its economic impact on the community during its 100-year span is much more substantial than one might think.

 What is Boys Town trying to accomplish during the celebration of the centennial?

For Omaha specifically, our goal was ‘Detailed Awareness’. People in Omaha know of Boys Town and have a general awareness that we are here but there is a great deal of misconception regarding the breadth of services and the types of kids and families whom we support. Telling their different and unique stories in different and unique ways was key.

 What areas will you focus on during your presentation?

We will be discussing how marketing strategy can tap into foundational practices and revive past efforts, especially when celebrating a milestone year. Boys Town’s founder Father Flanagan was a marketer ahead of his time. He implemented tactics and strategies that were unconventional but effective. We will talk about the approaches that he took to marketing and those specific approaches that were used to help celebrate the 100th Anniversary.  

 What are marketing success takeaways can other companies can walk away with and utilize for their own companies?

How to build upon marketing history. How to look to your past, find the successful tactics and revive the concepts behind them into something new.