Exec Trek 2017 | Q&A with LEO A DALY

LEO A DALY is an internationally recognized, award-winnig architecture, engineering, planning, interior design, and program management firm. The company are consistently ranked month the top design forms in the world and their diverse portfolio includes world-class projects in more than 91 countries, all 50 US states, and the District of Columbia.

Founded in 1915 by Leo A. Daly, Sr., the firm rose to national prominence for pioneering the use of interdisciplinary project teams: a “whole project” approach that ensures maximum efficiency, coordination, and client satisfaction. Today, under the leadership of Leo A. Daly III, FAIA, RIBA, FRAIA, the form continues a legacy of innovation and commitment to client satisfaction, creating exceptional projects that enhance and enrich the human experience.

LEO A DALY’s Director of Marketing John McGauvran and Marketing Manager Kaitlin Radmacher will speak on the company’s 102-year marketing history and how they got where they are today. They will talk about the company’s successes and failures in adjusting to digital marketing and social media strategies and will also highlight the different approaches they take for B2B marketing versus B2C.

Kaitlin Radmacher says: “Our marketing efforts need to connect with our clients on a more personal level.” LEO A DALY draw clients in through content marketing focused on their customers’ needs rather than generic ads. John McGauvran and Kaitlin Radmacher will also talk about the constant need for innovation and their latest projects including experimentation with virtual reality!