Bob Otis Diamond Award Winner 2021 | Jordan Maddex-Kopp

The Bob Otis Diamond Award was created in honor of a former AMA board member and long-time AMA Omaha member, Bob Otis. The award stands in honor his 40+ year marketing career. The Diamond Award recognizes a shining star of service in the AMA Omaha community. Nominations come from the AMA Omaha Board of Directors, and in order to qualify for the award, nominees must be an active AMA Omaha Board Member or member of the Executive Advisory Council, participate in AMA Omaha events and otherwise show support of AMA Omaha, exemplify service to our local marketing community and show professional excellence.

Our 2021 winner, announced at this year’s Pinnacle Awards, was Jordan Maddex-Kopp, two-time AMA Omaha President and also two-time winner of the Diamond Award. Maddex-Kopp is Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Partnerships at Jet Linx Aviation, the third-largest private jet management company in the country. She has held a variety of board positions at AMA for the past five years, most recently as Immediate Past President before resuming the role of President for 2021/22. In her first term as President for 2019/2020, AMA Omaha won the national AMA Gold Chapter of the Year award – the highest Chapter award in the country – a recognition of best practices, innovation, and Chapter engagement.

Among the nominations received this year was the following: Jordan is the heart of AMA and that has shown through this year as she helped the chapter navigate unchartered territories in both COVID and unexpected key board member role changes. She continues to jump in and raise her hand when necessary and truly kept the board together during the final push of the board year. Her passion for AMA and the marketing community is inspiring.