NEW! Omaha Marketing Literacy Program by UNO

The Marketing Literacy Program aims to address the gap in our society about the understanding of marketing as critical to everyday living. This program intends to provide ‘marketing literacy’ to college students through 5-minute, accessible YouTube videos about marketing concepts, anecdotes, inside views of businesses, purchasing behaviors, our biases and how they could influence buying choices, and many other topics. In order to build this program, we are looking for local marketing professionals to share their expertise on all things marketing, branding, PR, advertising, and communications.

How are the videos made?

These are 5-minute, educational-based videos produced by University of Nebraska—Omaha faculty and marketing students. The goal is to film these videos in person at the UNO College of Business Administration rather than virtually. Faculty and students will work with the marketing professionals being interviewed to determine the best time for these interviews to take place. COVID precautions will be taken into account for every interview.

Production for these interviews will take place between March and mid-April. The recording will not be in an interview format, rather, the marketing professional will talk about the big concepts within the topic they are discussing.

Potential Topics:

  • Branding – Brand values, image, loyalty, perception, comparison of Brands
  • Social Media – Different Channels, personalized ads, personal profiles, geo targeting, Customer Reviews, Affiliations and influences – social media influencers
  • Need for Advertising- Awareness about products, Physical vs. digital
  • Communications- Oral, written, email, social media, website, Integration across channels, B2C, B2B
  • Consumer – consumer protection, consumer rights, consumer responsibilities
  • Shopping (consumption) – One click shopping, shopping via online stores (Amazon) versus ordering in (Uber, Instacart) versus physical store visit, choosing between retail stores
  • Buying from overseas
  • Ethics in Marketing
  • Brands that you love/hate

Interested in participating?

Please contact Cuauhtemoc Ramirez at cuauhtemocramirezcr@gmail.com to learn more about this program and to sign up as a speaker.